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GSP - Retail Insider

June 2015 VOLUME 7 ISSUE 2

GSP Acquisition Results in the Merger of Two Retail
Service Leaders

3rd Printing Facility to Improve Turn Time, Reduce Transit Costs

GSP is proud to announce that it has purchased the large-format graphics production lab, Great Big Pictures (GBP), resulting in a strategic merger of two leaders in retail marketing and store-level execution.

Great Big Pictures has been providing retail display graphics, photographic-quality printing and more to an iconic portfolio of fashion brands since 1973. It offers an 80,000-square-foot production facility in Madison, Wisconsin, with the finest in conventional and digital imaging equipment operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Retail Insider recently interviewed members of the leadership teams from GSP and GBP to find out more.

How will this partnership with Great Big Pictures benefit GSP customers?

Elaine Scrima, GSP VP of Operations: In so many ways! GBP has a legacy of fine printing. With its great Midwest location and experienced staff ready to help, we can now offer customers printing from three facilities – Florida, Utah and Wisconsin – to reduce transit costs and provide the quickest turnaround time. GBP can provide large format printing from its state-of-the-art, digital production plant.

Steven Cohen, GSP VP of Design Services: GBP “completes” us with a great research and development (R&D) team, plus they have extensive experience with propping, 3D visual displays, fixtures and lighting for some of the best names in retail.

Alec Veinger, GSP VP of Customer Service: GBP’s origins in true photographic technology shows in their dedication to color, resolution and high overall image quality. Our combined arsenal of G7®, custom color matching, and GBP’s amazing attention to image details creates a ‘dream team’ of image experts!

Geoff Neuhoff, GSP CEO
: It’s the level of care and service that GBP provides to their clients, community and co-workers. Their commitment to sustainability, such as going the extra step to becoming SGP certified – a sustainable green printing facility – is just one of the ways that they show this. I’m also honored that Bill and Mary Chandler, GBP’s long-time owners and pioneers in photo-realistic graphics production for retail, will act as advisors to GSP’s executive team.

How does your association with GSP enhance your relationship with Great Big Pictures' clients?

Alice Torti, GBP VP and General Manager: A lot of things, but if I have to mention just one: the technology aspect! We’ve been empathizing with our clients’ needs for retail intelligence and to improve in-store execution. GSP and AccuStore site survey and store profile technology is something that could immensely benefit GBP’s customers. I can see our team and our retail contacts using the AccuStore mobile app to capture updates in the field and drive better store-level execution.

Shannon Way, GBP Director of Production Support: With our combined talent, we can now offer fully integrated campaigns – award-winning branding and marketing along with design - plus flawless in-store execution. Add their experienced team of creative directors, industrial designers and account designers to our staff and you get a complete retail solution.

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