New RIP for GSP automates tasks for faster processing

CLEARWATER, FL — September 10, 2009 GSP Marketing Technologies (GSP), the leader in strategic marketing at the point of purchase, is pleased to announce that its Florida plant acquired the Nexus RIP (Raster Image Processor) to add to its repertory. The new RIP will produce better prints in less amount of time for GSP’s extensive client list.

The Nexus RIP is an industry leading output device that produces better color reproduction and higher fidelity print by producing screens that have improved highlight smoothness, expanded color gamut and give better ink transfer in solids - for crisper solids and reduced ink usage. In addition, this new RIP increases productivity by automating tasks, such as imposition, that prior were left to a human operator. This eliminates errors and the amount of time it takes to process the images.

GSP has implemented this new printer to expedite the printing of their client’s promotional POP and specialty printing projects. In addition, the new RIP process improves GSP’s overall scalability, allowing GSP to add film output and digital devices as the company grows.

“GSP is always looking to set industry standards that are high,” says Elaine Scrima, GSP’s Director of Production / Customer Support. “The new process will continue to push our production costs lower and increase the value we offer to our clients.”


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Krista Brechner, Marketing Coordinator - GSP Marketing Technologies, Inc.
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