GSPSurveyor™ Gives Cumberland Farms the Competitive Edge

The following press release refers to the GSPSurveyor™ application, which was rebranded as AccuStore™ on July 1, 2014.

Clearwater, FL - June 29, 2006 – GSP Marketing Technologies, the leading provider of store-specific data management solutions for the convenience retail industry, today announced that Cumberland Farms, operator of approximately 600 retail stores and gas stations, has implemented GSP's GSPSurveyor™ web-based survey creation and management software in its efforts to improve the performance and execution of its marketing strategy.


Cumberland Farms will use GSPSurveyor™ to create, distribute, and gather responses to comprehensive surveys for its retail locations. In addition, GSPSurveyor™ will help consolidate all gathered data into a centralized database, allowing for easy access and analysis by Cumberland’s operations staff.


GSPSurveyor™ from GSP Marketing Technologies Inc. is an electronic surveying and database management tool that enables chains to conduct surveys electronically while providing a data repository that can store and leverage the resulting information. GSPSurveyor™ gives store personnel the ability to perform resource inventories onsite without the need for 3rd party surveyors. Surveys can be created electronically in a simple, friendly user-interface, and saved as a web based survey form. A survey administrator can then email the survey web link to district managers or directly to store personnel. Survey replies are electronically returned, with all data being collected into an easily accessible database.


"GSPSurveyor™ is more than a powerful survey management tool. It is an invaluable resource for store-by-store intelligence. All of our site-specific data is now stored in a single database which can be shared by all of our departments. We use GSPSurveyor™ as a platform for key store planning initiatives," said David Merriam, Director of Store Operations for Cumberland Farms. "We combine data from GSPSurveyor™ with our financial performance information to generate detailed reports for our field operatives, who compare stores based on that data. Coupling this information allows our management team to effectively determine the changes needed in order to improve the overall performance of a site."


In addition, Cumberland Farms has begun using GSPSurveyor™ as part of the budgeting process, and as a backbone for gathering and analyzing competitive data.


"GSPSurveyor™ has enabled us to streamline the process for gathering and updating quarterly data for budgeting purposes without the hassle of managing a manual process," said Rose Donnell, Manager of Retail Administration for Cumberland Farms. "We have also been able to refresh our competitive store data quickly and track the status of survey completion real-time. This helps tremendously when you have several hundred sites responding. GSPSurveyor™ helps us collect a vast array of data, including photos of the store site and of store equipment; details on store equipment, merchandise displays, competitor data, and general merchandise data. We can even use it to collect site diagrams and floor plans."


GSP specializes in helping retail marketing professional increase store sales through the use of advanced technology solutions, including site data management tools, POP planning software, and services designed to tailor marketing strategies to the specific needs of individual retail locations. GSP leads the industry in services and solutions that improve the retail execution of marketing campaigns. GSP’s suite of retail marketing software includes GSPSurveyor™, an electronic surveying and database management tool that enables chains to conduct surveys electronically and leverage the resulting information, and POPRender™, the first application to generate 100% store specific POP placement guides for retail locations, featuring images of the actual POP to be placed.


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