GSP to unveil Digital Sign Network module for POPManager™ at NACS 2006 (POPManagerDSN)

Clearwater, FL – October 2, 2006 – GSP Marketing Technologies Inc. has announced that it will officially launch its latest software product, the Digital Sign Network, at the NACS 2006 convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. POPManagerDSN, an extension of GSP's powerful, industry-leading POPManager suite of POP tools, will extend POPManager's extensive toolset into the realm of digital signage, allowing customers to organize and manage extensive digital marketing campaigns in addition to traditional POP marketing efforts.


The powerful new POPManagerDSN module will offer a streamlined user interface to customers, simplifying the process of managing digital campaigns. The POPManagerDSN module will offer digital campaigns the same automation advantages currently available to traditional POP through the POPManager system.


GSP invites interested clients to visit GSP's NACS booth (Booth #4317) at the NACS Convention starting on October 9th.


GSP specializes in helping retail marketing professional increase store sales through the use of advanced technology solutions, including site data management tools, POP planning software, and services designed to tailor marketing strategies to the specific needs of individual retail locations. GSP leads the industry in services and solutions that improve the retail execution of marketing campaigns. GSP’s suite of retail marketing software includes GSPSurveyor™, an electronic surveying and database management tool that enables chains to conduct surveys electronically and leverage the resulting information, and POPRender™, the first application to generate 100% store specific POP placement guides for retail locations, featuring images of the actual POP to be placed.


About GSP Marketing Technologies
With over 30 years of experience in managing marketing programs, GSP Marketing Technologies, Inc. (GSP) offers customers a vertically integrated marketing solution that includes marketing database management, site data management tools, POP engineering services, creative design, print production, logistics management, retail branding, compliance management and campaign / category effectiveness management. Leading retailers and consumer products marketers rely on GSP’s technology to maintain best-in-class marketing programs.


Krista Brechner, Marketing Coordinator - GSP Marketing Technologies, Inc.
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