GSP's New Support Hub Automatically Tracks Store Requests

Clearwater, FL, February 18, 2015 – GSP, a leading provider of POP to large multi-site operators and leading brands, today announced a new release of their proprietary POP order management platform POPManager®. The release includes Support Hub, a centralized platform that provides automated tracking of all store requests, whether submitted by phone, by e-mail or through GSP’s online store request module.

The Support Hub enables retailers to drive better store-level execution of their POP marketing programs by expediting resolution of store-level issues and by providing analytics on the types of issues occurring in the field.  The Support Hub is fully integrated with POPManager, which drives store-specific POP kits for multi-site operators, and with POPAssetManager™, GSP’s online re-ordering system which enables the field to see store-specific POP elements and enables head-office staff to set site-specific ordering controls. 

“GSP’s new centralized Support Hub will provide retailers with full visibility of all store requests,” said Kevin Farley, GSP’s COO. “And it will enable corporate, marketing and operations managers to fully understand store needs for expedited resolution and fulfillment of all store requests—so store managers can focus on their customers for improved store performance.”

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