GSP Releases GSPSurveyor™ Mobile 2.0 Application Upgrade for iOS Users

The following press release refers to the GSPSurveyor™ application, which was rebranded as AccuStore™ on July 1, 2014.

Clearwater, FL, February 26, 2013 – GSP, a leading provider of retail services, today announced the release of GSPSurveyorTM Mobile 2.0 for iOS. GSPSurveyorTM is a proprietary site profile management application that allows retailers to build and maintain store level details on various attributes as well as perform various surveys directly to the field level. The GSPSurveyor™ Mobile extension now has map navigation, a capture list to interact with existing captures and speed improvements for Android and iOS platforms.

These features significantly improve access and management of site profile information across departments and from the field. With the new map navigation, users can find the closest stores and get turn by turn directions to each site from their current location. The new interactive Captures functionality includes:

  • Capture List to interact with existing Captures
    • View all Captures or filter by site, user, date or status
    • View “open” Captures via map to quickly pinpoint and respond to issues in the field
  • Improved User Interface: Add a Capture with a single click from the application home page
  • Capture email notifications include photos, user details, comments and category

GSPSurveyor™ Mobile 2.0 also has a built-in photo compression, which reduces in-application memory, data usage and the time needed to add new photos to the database, for improved overall speed. In addition, GSPSurveyor™ Mobile provides a “View by Area” feature, enabling users to toggle between Profile and Area views to accommodate tasks faster. Profile view can be utilized to quickly find and update specific profile items, and Area view is used to update profile items as they are encountered in the different areas of the store.

“These new features have dramatically improved the efficiency and speed to market of our GSPSurveyor Mobile 2.0 users on the Android platform since its release.  Now we anticipate seeing the same gains for our users on the iOS platform,” said Nancy Carter, GSP’s Site Intelligence Product Manager. “We are pleased to provide these new features as GSPSurveyor Mobile continues to be the industry-leading way for retailers to manage site profile data.”

ABOUT GSPSurveyor™

GSPSurveyor™ is an enhanced store profile system that allows retailers to build and maintain store level details on various attributes as well as perform various surveys directly to the field level. The latest version of GSPSurveyor™ features a revamped built-in survey tool and a full screen web interface that is an intuitive, easy to use platform to monitor and maintain site specific data. GSPSurveyor™ Mobile enables managers to turn their strategic plans into store-level results by making better use of store-level intelligence. Store ride notes can be captured via GSPSurveyor™ Mobile to facilitate discussions about field-level challenges. Utilization of GSPSurveyor™ in conjunction with GSPSurveyor™ Mobile greatly improves the retailer’s ability to monitor and maintain site specific data and ensures that every site profile is always accurate. To find out more about GSPSurveyor™ visit


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