GSP Purchases 3 Advanced Cromaprint 22UV Hybrid Digital Printing Systems to Augment Utah Facility Production Capabilities

Clearwater, FL – September 29, 2006 – In another bold move to upgrade it’s western operations, GSP signed a deal with DuPont agreeing to purchase 3 Cromaprint 22UV hybrid digital printing systems for installation in their Utah facility. The installation of this equipment, which is expected to take place over the next 60 days, will be the first digital production equipment installed in the Utah facility and when complete will more then triple GSP’s cumulative daily digital production capacity. It is GSP’s intent to use this additional capacity to move some of the significant volume of short run screenprint jobs they produce each month to the more appropriate digital print medium. It is estimated that this will free up at least 150 hours of screenprint production capacity in both their Florida and Utah plants giving GSP the ability to continue their aggressive growth plan


DuPont, one of the world’s oldest and most respected color communications companies has been developing and perfecting the Cromaprint 22 UV over the last 3 years. Since offering the printer for sale 6 months ago DuPont has captured over 10% of the hybrid UV printing system market and they have committed to 5 years of continued research and development on this platform. With 27 service technicians in North America alone GSP felt like DuPont's commitment to the technology, the strength of the company, and their world dominance in color management and proofing systems would provide the highest value and quality for our customers.

When asked about the purchase Matt Neuhoff, GSP’s Vice President of Operations said, "We are excited about this new partnership with DuPont. We spent a significant amount of time and money reviewing all the equipment available on the market today and in the end we felt like the DuPont solution would achieve our primary objectives of creating a dramatic increase in reliable digital capacity, ensure that we are able meet all our customers printing needs with the systems acquired, and to purchase the equipment that offered the best possible quality and value for our customer base."


The Cromaprint 22 UV is capable of printing in both a roll fed and flatbed mode on media up to 2 inches thick using some of the most state of the art UV curing technology available on the market today. Being one of the largest ink manufactures in the world DuPont is able to formulate their own inks for this system. This allows the 22 UV to print successfully on the broad spectrum of media's that GSP requires for use by its customers. By having three of these machines GSP will have the system redundancy needed to guarantee maximum up time and the ability to meet all their customer's needs with regards to throughput, image quality and color fidelity.


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