GSP Marketing Technologies to administer 422 store survey project for Holiday Stationstores

The following press release refers to the GSPSurveyor™ application, which was rebranded as AccuStore™ on July 1, 2014.

Clearwater, FL - March 18, 2009 – GSP Marketing Technologies, the leader in strategic marketing at the point of purchase, announces that Holiday Stationstores have entered into a license agreement for the GSPSurveyor™ program. GSPSurveyor™ is an electronic surveying and Store Profile database management tool that Holiday Stationstores will use to track store assets, maintenance schedules, equipment issues, equipment shelf life and store layouts. To build the foundation of this program, GSP will also conduct a store by store survey of all assets. This initial survey will allow the District Managers to have access to store profile information and will be the base set of data upon which subsequent store level on-line surveys will be based. Managers will leverage GSPSurveyor’s™ store profiles to improve store level support and refine store-level planning.

“GSPSurveyor will allow us to track our stores’ physical attributes and assets. With this insight we can then use it to make better- informed decisions on equipment repairs and expense management – which should result in a better bottom line” says a representative from Holiday Stationstores, Inc.


Holiday Stationstores uses financial and other software they have purchased, but realized that in order to improve the ROI on those programs, accurate store data is required.


Holiday Stationstores realized that the most valuable aspect of GSPSurveyor™ is the ability to capture data from the field in near real-time. By using the GSPSurveyor Mobile Edition™, Holiday Stationstores will empower their District Managers to provide feedback from a camera-enabled PDA. The data captured from the field will be used throughout the company to track aspects such as:

  • Maintenance issues including the ability to send messages directly to the Maintenance Department (with photos)
  • Improper POP execution
  • Competitive information and pricing


About Holiday Stationstores
Holiday Stationstores is a recognized leader in the convenience store industry with 300 corporately owned stores located throughout 12 states in the northern tier region of the United States: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington also in Alaska.


Holiday Stationstores also has over 100 franchise stationstores located throughout Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin.


Holiday Stationstores is headquartered in Bloomington, Minnesota and is committed to providing customers with high quality gasoline products along with an unusually wide selection of prepared food, groceries and general merchandise items. Visit


About GSP Marketing Technologies
With over 30 years of experience in managing marketing programs, GSP Marketing Technologies, Inc. (GSP) offers customers a vertically integrated marketing solution that includes marketing database management, site data management tools, POP engineering services, creative design, print production, logistics management, retail branding, compliance management and campaign / category effectiveness management. Leading retailers and consumer products marketers rely on GSP’s technology to maintain best-in-class marketing programs.


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