GSP Adds Analytics, Site Check-Ins and Tasks to GSPSurveyor

The following press release refers to the GSPSurveyor™ application, which was rebranded as AccuStore™ on July 1, 2014.

Clearwater, FL, October 11, 2013 – GSP, a leading provider of retail services, today announced a new release of their proprietary site profile management platform GSPSurveyor™. The release includes several new features for both the web platform and mobile app, designed to improve usability by Operations and Marketing departments of leading retailers.

Additional SiteIQ Analytics include completion of Tasks and Surveys so that Managers can more quickly measure effective execution.  The new GSPSurveyor™ release also adds the ability to automatically create a Task whenever a data point has not been updated for a certain length of time.  These automated alerts provide an easy to adopt data accuracy management process, ensuring that data is always highly reliable.

In addition, a map with Nearby sites has been added, allowing users to search using keywords (e.g. gas, convenience, grocery) to identify points of interest and competitors within a selected distance from each store.  Using the mobile app, users in the field are prompted to complete Tasks whenever they Check-In to a site, improving communication of what needs to be done, and providing traceability of store-level execution in a single portal.

Other GSPSurveyor™ release features:

  • On-screen presentation of data mashups allows users to quickly view profile quantity data
  • Capture details include a list of subscribers, ensuring that everyone who needs to know about an issue or observation has been notified
  • The web portal includes larger images, as well as access to pop-up photos from the site profile list

“GSPSurveyor’s new SiteIQ analytics provides even more ways for managers to review and measure store execution and the overall effectiveness of each rollout,” said Kevin Farley, GSP’s VP of Marketing and Technology.  “More interactive features dramatically improve communication of critical tasks and data accuracy.  And the new Nearby location search function enables users to pinpoint and map competitors and other key retailers in relation to each site.”

The new version of the GSPSurveyor™ Mobile app is available for download from the Android Google Play and iOS App Stores.

ABOUT GSPSurveyor™
GSPSurveyor™ is an enhanced store profile system that allows retailers to build and maintain store level details on various attributes as well as perform various surveys directly to the field level. The system features a built-in survey tool and a full screen web interface that is an intuitive, easy-to-use platform to monitor and maintain site specific data. GSPSurveyor™ Mobile enables managers to turn their strategic plans into store-level results by making better use of store-level intelligence. Store visit notes can be Captured via the GSPSurveyor™ mobile app to provide field insights in real-time. Utilization of GSPSurveyor™ greatly improves the retailer’s ability to monitor and maintain site specific data and ensures that every site profile is always accurate. To find out more about GSPSurveyor™ visit

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