AccuStore to Show Site Profile, Onsite Survey Solutions at FSTEC

Clearwater, FL, September 19, 2014 – AccuStore, a leading provider of site intelligence for retailers and multi-site operators, today announced they will be exhibiting at the 2014 FSTEC Conference in New Orleans, September 21-23 and will be showcasing their site profiling, mobile app technology and on-site survey solutions.

AccuStore’s surveys and site profiling technology can help restaurant chains reduce spend, accelerate their growth and improve compliance by enabling the head office to tailor marketing and operational initiatives to site-specific needs.

AccuStore’s professional site survey team can provide a comprehensive understanding of each location, from the equipment warranties to the exact dimensions of every wall and fixture. Once the data is compiled, AccuStore’s site profiling technology, offered as a readily-accessible hosted web portal and intuitive, easy-to-use mobile app, helps to safely house it and maintain its accuracy.

The AccuStore team will demonstrate how AccuStore can help:

  • Streamline issue resolution by categorizing and publishing compliance audits and observations, including notes and photos
  • Reduce waste with instant access to accurate, site-level data
  • Improve support and accountability in the field through detailed tracking of site visits
  • Increase ROI on marketing initiatives by improving site-level execution
  • Capture real-time insights in the field to improve the guest experience and store performance

“We look forward to showcasing our site intelligence solution at FSTEC,” said Richard Jimenez-Alicea, AccuStore’s Director of Business Development. “It truly bridges the gap between what the restaurant managers and guests know and what the executives know—by providing the visibility required to better understand each location’s unique profile. That understanding allows restaurant chain executives to effectively drive efficiencies and streamline budget planning. And AccuStore’s new SiteIQ feature provides the mechanism for ensuring those action plans are carried out, by tracking store-level metrics to improve execution and accountability.”

ABOUT AccuStore

AccuStore helps multi-unit, consumer-facing businesses reduce spend and accelerate their growth through customized site profiling capabilities and an enhanced store profile technology that allows retailers to build and maintain a central repository of site-level details accessible throughout the organization. AccuStore’s technology features a built-in survey tool and a full screen web interface that is an intuitive, easy-to-use platform to monitor and maintain site-specific data. The mobile app enables managers to turn their strategic plans into store-level results on the go. To find out more, please visit or email

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