2009 NACS Show Recap

Clearwater, FL – October 29, 2009 – GSP Marketing Technologies (GSP), the leader in strategic marketing at the point of purchase, returns from the 2009 NACS Show. The show was a combination of educational workshops and seminars and the biggest c-store networking event of the year. The show took place in Las Vegas, Nevada from 20 – 23 October, 2009.

GSP had a booth on the vendor floor to field questions and demonstrate their newest software, retail branding and POP management solutions.

GSP develops and maintains POPManager™, the leading suite of web-based POP management applications for retail marketing professionals. POPManager™ provides retailers with a full range of marketing capabilities in five standard modules:

• POPProfiler™ houses and provides web-based access to digital store photos, store brand information
• POPPlanner™ is an order entry module that allows retailers to develop marketing programs by focusing on what sells rather than what signs they need to order.
• POPInteract™ provides retailers with web-based access to all of their point-of-purchase marketing graphics.
• POPRender™ is the first application to automatically generate illustrated POP placement guides that are 100% store-specific.
• POPAssetManager™ provides retail marketing professionals with a web-based system for tracking inventory of permanent and semi-permanent POP.

GSP also supplies a full range of standalone soaftware applications. The latest release of GSPSurveyor™, GSP’s electronic surveying and database management tool, had been voted the winner in CSP's 2009 Retailer Choice Best New Product Contest in the software category. CSP had an awards ceremony where representatives from GSP accepted the award and thanked CSP and the voters for their recognition of GSPSurveyor™ and the usefulness of the software application.

Also, the booth displayed some the latest designs from the GSP Retail Branding Services (RBS) team. The RBS team designs and manufactures products intended to build and strengthen a company's brand. This includes everything from a basic sign to a total in-store design, display and merchandising environment. Some of the products on display were the menu board designs and the candy bin, pictured below.

Menu Board - Menu boards are an interchangeable display system that can be used in food service areas that are made from a variety of materials including heat bend plastics and cable systems. The menu boards are durable and the promotional graphics slide in easily and stay in place until they are replaced. The units can be hung from ceilings or mounted to walls, depending on space and site allowances, the units are fully customizable as well as the graphics that are displayed in them.

Candy bin - Customized bulk displays allow retailers to increase impulse purchases while displaying graphics that support their message and brand. The result: increased sales of featured products and a neater store appearance. The benefits can range from the aesthetics of the piece to its functionality. Ideally, the display items will push the featured items and create a neater store appearance. All the while, the customer is associating the products to your brand and generating customer loyalty.

“We had a very successful show and are happy to meet with our customers,” said Kevin Farley, GSP Vice President of Marketing. “We were able to showcase the latest release of GSPSurveyor™ and the feedback was very positive.” About NACS To learn more about NACS, their trade shows or their publications, please visit them online at www.nacsonline.com.

Krista Brechner, Marketing Coordinator - GSP Marketing Technologies, Inc.
Email: marketing@gspretail.com
Voice: 727-532-0647 ext. 5836