Inventory Management

Convenient, store-specific inventory management helps you improve cost efficiencies and ensures you never run out of stock.

GSP offers full inventory management services to our retail customers and also provides a convenient way to reorder what you need:

Physical Storage

With a generous amount of physical warehouse space available across three geographically dispersed facilities (Clearwater, Florida; Provo, Utah; and Madison, Wisconsin), there’s sure to be a location that’s convenient.

Store-Specific Inventory

Our state-of-the-art store portal features an online catalog showing the inventory items specific to each store. This makes it easy for your stores to manage their own needs, including fixtures, signs and other critical marketing elements. It can even support inventory housed at different, external warehouses. The portal is built like an online retail catalog with photographic references so it’s easy to see and order exactly what is needed. See more of its features here.

Complete Access for Store-Level Results

Your store portal also provides web-based access to important site-specific information such as store, photos, layouts, dimensions, equipment details, suppliers servicing the location and more. Basically, it’s a central repository of all of that site’s unique details. Providing your store managers with access opens up a world of time saving communication and cost-efficiency possibilities for even greater store-level results.