Survey Technology Drives Accurate Store-Specific Fulfillment and Costs Savings

The Challenge

Circle K Florida has more than 400 stores across the state. These stores are open 24/7, 365 days a year and offer a wide variety of quality products and services in a fast, friendly and clean environment.

During routine Florida store visits, Circle K marketing managers discovered wasted and unused signage, spurring questions about the accuracy of the retailer’s existing store profiles. It was determined that incorrect info within their database was preventing printed quantities of signage from matching up with stores’ actual requirements, creating an excess of printed materials and waste of in-store marketing funds.

Ahead of a scheduled reprint, the retailer originally planned for their teams to circulate a spreadsheet to verify the number of outdoor signs each store needed. However, given the large number of stores to be surveyed within the short two-week window for completion, they decided this approach couldn’t fully produce the accurate updates required.

The Solution

By incorporating AccuStore, GSP’s store profiling technology platform, Circle K gained the ability to streamline profile updates. AccuStore’s online survey tool is ideal for gathering store-specific measurements, window counts, and other retail-specific details needed for proper POP ordering and placement. GSP’s lead surveyor was tapped to design the right mix of survey questions sent to the appropriate Circle K marketing managers.

The Results

Accurate surveys were successfully completed within the two-week deadline, providing the store-level details needed to determine the exact number of signs for store-specific fulfillment, preventing wasteful POP printing overages and generating large cost savings per order. AccuStore has become Circle K’s single source of truth, accessible to team members, corporate, marketing, and other stakeholders. What’s more, it’s an accurate and secure alternative to spreadsheets.

"Your online surveys provided us with the exact data we needed, and in a much more efficient process than the spreadsheets we had been using." - Vice President of Marketing and In-store Communications