Affordable Store Remodels: One Category at a Time

Affordable Store Remodels: One Category at a Time - GSP

Store remodels are more popular than ever. According to a recent CSP Outlook Survey, 72% of retailers would love to refresh or remodel their stores. However, if budgets and time constraints don’t allow for a complete remodel, retailers can consider a category reimage.

A category update can easily give your convenience store the perfect refreshed look and feel. Whether it’s updating your fountain, coffee or foodservice, the opportunities are endless. However, where do you start? What options make the most sense for your stores?

GSP recently hosted an insightful roundtable webinar featuring Circle K’s Director of Facilities, Lisa Childers, CSP Daily News’ Online News Director and Beverage Editor, Steve Holtz and our Retail Environments team. Complete the form below to view a recording.

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