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The beauty of this exercise is that we can tailor the presentation to your specific needs or growth strategy. We believe one of the best uses is to help you explore what you’d like your brand to be best known for – or new innovations and best practices you may want to implement.

For example, if you know your growth strategy includes developing foodservice, let’s walk through the customer journey for Wawa’s best-in-class foodservice program across the retail zones. We’ll include key findings and best practices from relevant retailers and categories.

Your tailored 3000 Mile Store Walk can include any combination of:

  • Retailers, including Circle K, Jacksons, Kum & Go, RaceTrac, 7-Eleven, Speedway, Thorntons, and Wawa.  
  • Key categories and programs, including:
    • Categories - Food Service / Fountain / Coffee / Beer / Tobacco / Cooler
    • Programs – Private Label / Loyalty / Lottery / Curbside Pickup / Mobile Ordering / EV Charging Stations / Seasonal Offerings
  • The marketing mix and distribution across key zones:
    • Street / Pumps, Store Front / Destination /Post Visit