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Introducing GSP’s
3000 Mile Store Walk

From coast to coast, a distance spanning 3000 miles, our retail environments, signage and in-store marketing experts are walking the key zones of major c-store chains and documenting the latest trends, best practices, and innovations. Our findings include the most recent developments in c-store window and digital signage, wayfinding, unique messaging, zone improvements, and product offerings - both online (including websites, social media, mobile apps) and in-store.

Now we invite you to grab a seat and join us for thousands of miles of inspiration, all in a single step: It’s a virtual 3000 Mile Store Walk.

What stores are covered in the
3000 Mile Store Walk?

Twice a year, GSP will extensively study several retailers in the convenience and adjacent markets. We’ll cover corporate and franchise, best-in-class and legacy, national and regional. Our inaugural edition includes:

What zones of the c-stores are
covered in the 3000 Mile Store Walk?

Pre-visit    |    Street Zone    |    Pump Zone    |    Store Front Zone    |    Destination Zone

Key Categories:

What are the Benefits?

Today’s retailers are coping with hiring and supply chain disruptions and may not have the time nor manpower to discover new trends or analyze competitor activity in stores and online.

GSP has done the work for you! From the forecourt to the beer cave and everything in between - this is your opportunity to see how retailers are handling pivotal zones and key categories of their stores as well as how they’re communicating online.

How can I get more information?

Contact us today for a sneak peek/sampling of our marketplace observations.