3 Steps To Translating Your Successful NTI Into Success In Legacy Locations

One of the major challenges for Retail brands today is determining the right level investment for each store. Retailers know that their NTI or flagship locations require significant time with designers, architects and staff and therefore significant lead time and budget. The results from these new stores are often amazing. But translating the great thinking from your NTIs into a plan for a success in your legacy locations is a challenge- especially if your goal is to impact legacy locations at a lower level of spend and on a tighter timeline than you would allow for your new stores.

In our recent remodel of several TXB location, we applied a three-step approach that translates NTI success into legacy locations while minimizing design and project management costs and while expediting the roll-out to these legacy locations:


  • Break down your new concept into components that you want to take into legacy
  • Don’t just focus on fixtures and way-finding, think about decorative elements like wall coverings and flooring. These may be key to the experience, but you may also find cost-effective substitutes for these items in step 2


  • Explore ways to convert high-end materials to less expensive options that may fit well in a legacy location
  • Converting finishes using substitutes like FRP for higher end finishes such as tile


You should be able to take a lower cost approach to several key steps in the legacy remodels .

  • Your legacy remodel projects should not require as much high touch with design firms and architects—should be less expensive
  • Leverage your visual toolkit to reduce design and planning expenses
  • Leverage virtual store scans to more quickly and cost effectively version the décor elements
  • Partner with someone that understands legacy stores and how to get them done

Our goal is to ensure that our customers’ legacy stores complement their NTIs and that their brand shows well in any of their retail locations. 


For more information on how we could help make your brand work across your network, please contact us.