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G7® Master Printer

Since 2010, GSP has been recognized for consistently meeting G7® Master Printer Qualification status from IDEAlliance®. This rigorous and sought-after standard is not only a competitive goal we’re proud of, but it puts us in an elite group of print service providers internationally who have been trained to print and proof to specific output requirements and calibrated to a common grayscale balance. It means we conform to stringent metrics of reliably rendering brand images across locations and multiple print platforms. The G7® mark is just one more way we can assure our customers of our standard of excellence and the process controls we have in place to guarantee reliable quality printing. Find out more at www.idealliance.org.

GSP Environment Impact


Environmental Commitment

We are proud to play our part in conserving natural resources, reducing waste and achieving more sustainable business practices. Through the use of surveys and our signature technology, we can help customers determine accurate store profiles, ensuring a 30%–40% reduction in waste so we print only what’s needed with no overage. With three production facilities, we can reduce total transportation distance and reduce overall fuel consumption. We’re proud to use recycled materials and recycle inks. We also utilize virtual office technologies to service our retail clientele and reduce our overall travel carbon footprint. These practices are good for the environment, good for our costs and, in turn, good for our clients, as it keeps prices as low as possible. Find out more at http://bit.ly/1kavNwM.



Unique Substrates and Specialty Inks

GSP stocks a variety of substrates in multiple thicknesses to suit particular interior and exterior applications for graphics, signs and POP displays. Available materials include various types of papers, plastics, vinyls, acrylics, PVCs and other specialty materials such as magnetic, metal, asphalt adhering and Azuna. We also have specialty inks available, such as multi-chromatic, pearlescent, metallic and glitter inks.




To ensure promotional signage is fabricated to the exacting professional standards, while at the same time instilling confidence in our customers that their critical delivery times will be met, GSP has internalized all the traditional fabrication and bindery steps required in POP production. In addition to the more conventional fabrication requirements like mounting, laminating, drilling, scoring and finish cutting, GSP also operates its own steel rule die making. Our cutting department also includes several routers, die cutters and guillotine cutters. This better enables us to control every aspect of your POP program so that we can offer the most eye-catching display designs without adding any lead time to the manufacturing process.




Given the differences in number and size of the display spaces from one retail location to the next, getting site specific packages of signs to the right store on time, is a difficult proposition. By combining our proprietary software POPManager® with special racking systems, a proprietary manifesting application and store specific bar-coded packing slips, we are able to deliver the right box of signs, to the right store, on time – every time. We guarantee 100% accuracy of our kits, and can deliver 200 site specific kits per hour with up to 100 pieces per kit.

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